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Operation Solidarity came together as an initiative in order to help and support serving military soldiers, veterans, special operations soldiers and their respective families. Every year there are veterans that cope every day, soldiers that are killed on missions, returning soldiers diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or requiring prosthetics due to an amputation, suicides, medical issues, and stresses of transitioning from military to civilian life. Due to the nature of certain units, there is an additional amount of stress to the high-risk operations, long and multiple deployments, secrecy and classification due to the nature of their work. All of these issues require tremendous amount of support. Our goal is to donate and to give back to those in need. For those who wish to help, we are always looking for volunteers and donations are welcome. Give back to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


We have supported the following organizations 2020

 $1,861.68 Donated

Feb 13, 20 -  Donated  $150.00 to the Veterans Transition Network Fund which will assist 6 veterans receiving a 1hr free consultation.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $100.00 to the V-42 Foundation assisting CANSOF members.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $100.00 to the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit (CVSDU) Fund assisting veterans in receiving a service dog.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $102.89 to the SOLDIER ON Fund assisting Military Veterans.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $15.00 to Canada helps Canadian Fund assisting Veterans non-profits and charities to advertise.

Feb 15, 20 - Donated  $102.89 to the Support our Troops Canada assisting Military Veterans.

Apr 30, 20 - Donated $145.80 in support to the families of the Canadian Armed Forces Cyclone Helicopter Crash of Apr 29, 2020 off the coast of Greece.

May 22, 20 - Donated $200 in Emergency funds to a CAF soldier in need of family assistance.

Nov 6, 20 - Donated $40.66 of Coffee to Military Police located at CFB Borden.

Nov 30, 20 - Sent Eight Christmas Care Packages ($704.44 in value) to Canadian Armed Forces troops serving Overseas during the holidays. Thanks to Arrowhead Coffee Company for donating $244.38 of items to be included in the care packages.

Nov 30, 20 - Donated a $200.00 cheque to the Lasalle Royal Canadian Legion Branch 212 in Montreal, Quebec in support of Veterans.


We are a Veteran & SOF owned Canadian company that offer services to federal, provincial, local police forces, Military, Government agencies and the private sector.

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