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We're bringing back the lost art of shaving with this premium tactical edition Damascus steel straight razor that is beautifully branded with "OPERATOR"  engraved on the steel blade. This handcrafted piece of art is designed for that luxurious shave that gentlemen enjoy. Everything about this straight razor exemplifies premium quality.


There's a long history of Damascus Steel being used for making  knives, swords, daggers, etc. It originally started in the Near East, and was later introduced in the city of Damascus, where a thriving weapon economy was prevalent. Though the type of steel used is typically not the original wootz steel used in the earlier years, modern day metalsmiths have mastered the art form of pattern welding, where different types of steel are used to form a billet. The billet is then folded multiple times to create layers that form the beautiful patters found in Damascus Steel. The procedure is fairly basic: the steel ingots form billets that are folded in multiple layers within other metal types. This process is not something that is mass produced and speaks to the craftsmanship and skill of the artisan making these beautifully designed blades. This attention to detail is why we chose to have this beautiful straight razor made out of Damascus steel and why it's the perfect accessory any gentleman can appreciate.

Custom Damascus Steel Straight Razor