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Resource Activity Coordination Center Overseeing Operational Networks

Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

The Government of Canada has stated that Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable attack of Ukraine violated international law, jeopardized stability in the entire region, and has placed countless innocent lives at risk. The recent events unfolding in Ukraine have currently left many Ukrainians in a humanitarian crisis, fleeing their homes, and seeking safety, protection, and medical assistance. If your agency is currently exploring direct and indirect support solutions to Ukraine such as donations, emergency health services, protection, support to displaced populations, and essential life-saving services such as shelter, water and sanitation, and food, Blacksand Security Inc logistical team may be able to assist.


Hire Professional Services

Our logistical team has experience providing logistical support for humanitarian aid, such as professional services, medical supplies, food, water, and other essential items to support Ukraine. If you or your organization require strategic, operational or tactical planning to ship crucial humanitarian aid to Ukraine, contact our team today to learn more and receive additional information.

Professional Support Services / Support NGO efforts for Ukraine

Provide Financial Support

Don't have any humanitarian or essential aid items to ship, but still want to help Ukraine? Blacksand Security accepts donations to which 100% of the donations are utilized to purchase and transport essential items to support the Ukrainian people currently suffering a humanitarian crisis. To make a one-time or continuing donation, click on the donate button below.

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