Blacksand Security Inc offers a RECONNAISSANCE PACKAGE. This includes sending out our Logistics team and will conduct the following:


  •  Threat & Risk assessment;

  •  Provide an in-depth report of startup costs and factors; and

  •  Possibility of building and setup of business in a location.


Our team has experience working in small specialized teams, opening and closing in theatre operations, starting and expanding operations for Canada in multiple overseas locations, working with customs agencies (CBSA and foreign agencies); and experience with logistical Recon.

Our Logistics Operations:

1. Development of a Support Solution;

2. Acquisition of Material: Initial purchase and re-provisioning;

3. Management of Resources; Warehousing; Distribution and Redistribution of material;

4. Maintenance (Repair or Overhaul);

5. Disposal.

Development of a Support Solution
Acquisition of Material
Management of Resources



-Logistics coordination

-Transportation and freight operations

-Optimizing order frequency

-Cycles and transit options

-Goods delivery scheduling and tracking and expediting Overdue shipments

-Sourcing suppliers

-Garnering quotes and tendering submissions

-Negotiating pricing

-Terms of delivery and other contract details

-Processing purchase orders

-Freight forwarding and other documentation

-Monitoring inventory levels and generating inventory reports

-Reconciling physical inventories and resolving material discrepancies; and

-Reporting loss, damage, and return of goods and materials.

What to Expect from our Team

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